Gee Bee tiger Moth Balance

Can anyone tell me how much weight you added to proper balance this plane? It is ok with c.g located as the plan shows? I have installed a OS .32 SX on mine.


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Sorry, but that is a most curious question for a number of reasons:

  1. The Gee Bee is a model, and the Tiger Moth is a model. Is Gee Bee also a company name? If not it is like asking what is the curb weight of a Chevette Pinto? Can you post a link?

  1. I do hope that you are actually balancing the plane yourself and not just putting however much weight someone else put in theirs into yours. You don't really need anything but your fingers to balance most rc planes reasonably. Just make a fulcrum at the cg and adjust the nose (or tail) weight accordingly.

Can you go into more detail?

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Steve Banks

Gee Bee is a company. I only know because one of our club members got the 'Dreamer Bipe' for Christmas. Here's a page that lists some of their kits

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That's definitely true. "Identical" planes can be very different. I had a Global Right flyer that needed an ounce of tail weight to balance. Another member of our club had the same setup but had to put his battery under the fuel tank because his was tail heavy.

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