Wright Celebration warbird arrivals so far

Greetings! If anyone is interested, here are the warbirds curently nesting at our local airport here on the Outer Banks for the centenial celebration. P-51D, P-51C in Tuskegee markings, A1E Skyraider, Stinson Reliant in Royal Navy markings, PBY Catalina, C-47 in D-day, A-26, B-25, Dauntless, NA-50, P-40, Spitfire, S-2 Tracker, Two Stearmans, Eight(at least!) AT-6, Lockheed Loadstar, Beech-18, Three DC-3's, O-2 Skymaster, T-28,and the C-54 Berlin Airlft bird. There is also a Corsair in VF-17 markings parked at the Memorial site and a V-22 Osprey flew in and landed there yesterday. So far, the flyovers have had a few surprises also such as a U-2 and a NASA Canberra today. This has been a good place for an aircraft nut so far! I just hope I haven't left any aircraft out. Been hard to keep up. All aircraft listed have also been involved in the various flyovers too. Bill

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heard the weather may be bad for the 10:35 flight. 10-20mph winds and rain possible.... is it gonna be carried live on cable?

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