Imagination Celebration: Prime Time

Even if you haven't built anything yet, even if you still plan to build for a bunch of other events, you still have time to make a great entry for the Imagination Celebration at NARAM 46. How is that possible? It's possible because you don't need to worry about appearance craftsmanship or maximizing performance. All you're judged on is what your flight looks like in the sky. You can turn a clever idea into a great entry in just a few days. I know you feel like you have a bunch of insurmountable tasks before NARAM, but don't forget, every Imagination Celebration entry isn't just a chance for you to compete, it is a chance for everyone who comes to NARAM to be entertained. Each Celebration entry makes NARAM more memorable for all. We'll have a good NARAM if everyone comes in and competes in the pink book events, but if you join the Celebration, we'll have a great NARAM. RE

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What about Happy Meal Duration? Whoops, I mean Flying Saucer Duration? The rules require a model to be "generally symmetrical about a line down through the center of the motor". Would something like Gassaway's Tri-F-O qualify? What about other round finless rockets like Sputniks or Birdies? Heck, even a spool rocket is symmetrical.

Since this is a fun event, I take it contest certified motors are not required.

I'm just disappointed by the C motor limit :-(

Bob "pink book lawyer" Kaplow NAR # 18L TRA # "Impeach the TRA BoD" >>> To reply, remove the TRABoD!

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Bob Kaplow

I'll have an entry in the Imagination Celebration event.

Something that's half-new and half-old.

- George Gassaway

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