Don't forget Load Glide at NARAM 46

It'll be the first time in years you've actually had the thrill of designing
a glider from scratch. I'll bet you forgot that model rocketry is fun. As
with the Celebration, you still have plenty of time. You know you have
plenty of time to make one. Give yourself an hour to design and a day to
and you're set to compete brain-to-brain for the first time in a couple of
decades. No one knows what size to make this model, or exactly what layout to
Flaps? Lifting tail? Low aspect ratio? Thick wings? Thermals? Still air
performance? Maximum weight? Nobody knows. Whoever makes the right decisions
will get a boost of pride on a totally different level from what you get by
winning a pink book event.
With the difficulty I'm experiencing with my provisional event submissions,
this may be your only chance to fly anything like this for a long time.
Experience the unrepressed excitement of flying a contest event not just for
first time, but for THE first time. This one definitely won't be won how you
would expect, nor by whom you would expect. The clever beginner is on equal
ground with the NARAM-patched-rangeboxed veteran, and you KNOW you're clever!
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