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I've been flying my Seagull Arising Star for a while now, what a good plane! I want to move on a bit and I like the looks of the Seagull Spacewalker II ARTF. (I've got an 18-month son running around the house so I don't have time to build a kit I'm afraid. Besides he'd probably eat all the parts before I stuck them together!). I met one chap who had one and he seemed happy, but I heard from elsewhere the manual is pretty grim, full of errors. Anyone got one? Does it fly well? Any tips on engine choice? I already have as OS46 LA, would that do?


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Hi David... Maybe this will help:

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Btw, I am very curious to hear back from you after awhile to hear how things worked out. As I really like the Space Walker under RealFlight G2. And I have never heard of a 40 size Space Walker before. But after a Google search, I did find one at:

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I wished Tower Hobbies sold these. As I have tons of coupons for them that I have to use up here very soon. My local hobby store closed last January (after 49 years) and the others are a bit to far too travel to around the Chicagoland area.


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Seagull have really lifted their game recently, and distributors appear to have lowered their pricing (at least they have in Australia and the U.K.) making Seagull ARFs better value than ever. Many of their newer offerings are laser cut (eg: Zero), and some of their venerable ones reworked to incorporate minor redesign and structural mods to correct previous flaws or improve the model. The Spacewalker II is amongst the latter.

Seagull's Spacewalker II comes highly recommended. A superb first low wing and/or taildragger. Flys very well, no vices. Lots of fun! The caveat? Seagull's manuals are indeed shockers! They don't revise and reprint them frequently enough to align with changes incorporated, or append them with an errata. You need to do your own 'amendments'. Read them thoroughly, famil yourself with the ARF assembly itself and don't follow the manual blindly step by step. Just use a modicum of common sense reasoning, and you won't have any problem. Just remember to trial fit and double check before you cut, bend, or glue anything.

Any .46 will fly it just fine. The plain bearing LA is one of the lower powered engines in this class, but will nevertheless fly the Spacewalker very well, and arguably, as it was originally intended to be flown. The only area in which the LA's performance could be criticised as lacklustre *in this model* will be in terms of pure vertical. Any respectable ballraced .46 will fix that. Anyone who suggests that such a .46 isn't enough for this model either hasn't a clue, should stick to pylon or really shouldn't be allowed out by themselves. ;)

Whilst the Spacewalker II will fly fast if you put a hot engine in it, nevertheless that was never its intended design brief, and it excels in graceful slower flight whilst not lacking anything in the way of sport acrobatic maneuverability. Think ARF junior Astro Hog and that pretty much sums up the Spacewalker. Commendation indeed.

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The Spacewalker is a fine airplane and I mite add a tough one also. $119 is dirt cheap for this plane.It's nicely done,looks great and goes together easily after you get over the piddly instructions but most of the work is done for you. I started off with a TT46. It flew it but not with a lot of authority.I went to the Irvine 53 and it's just rite. I really like it. I've wiped out a flight station at the field,a barb wire fence...It's been totaled three times and the inside is lined with pop cicle sticks and epoxy along the wing saddle area...It still flies great. I did write Seagull about the instructions being wrong.They sent me a letter on the corrections.I'll send it to you if I still have it but don't have you addy. You won't be sorry if you get one...

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