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Your website does not work well with Netscape 7.2 , Mozilla Firefox, or Opera.

Kinda shortsighted on your part. Assuming that *everybody* used Micro$oft Exploder.

*sheesh* T
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... or Safari, or iCab.

... and that's just the first page. Who knows what disasters await further in.

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Joe Ellis

You do realize that most of the young adults are asking themselves, "What's a Yugo?".

Ed Cregger

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Ed Cregger

On Tue, 3 Oct 2006 00:38:13 -0400, I said, "Pick a card, any card" and "Ed Cregger" instead replied:

He's that bear in Jellostone park. Right? Best friend is named BeeBee?

How much did I win?

-- Ray

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Ray Haddad

Works fine with 7.2 for me. Not much on the site right now, but that may change.

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Ted Campanelli

A guy walked into the auto parts store and the fellow behind the counter asked if he could help him. The fellow said, "Would you give me a gas cap for a Yugo?"

The guy behind the counter though for a moment and said, "Sure, that's a good trade."

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David Hopper

LOL! mk

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Storm's Hamilton

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