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You opinion of the easiest/best smoke system. Thanks
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For some variations and ideas, refer to
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the following do not come through as links, scroll down to : "Smoke Systems" Introduction to Smoke Systems - RCModellers. Mega Smoke Perry Pumps' Smoke Systems Smoke Systems - B & B (Bennet built) Super Smoke systems Smoke - Gavtronics Smoke systems and exhausts - Macs Products Website Smoke Systems Made Easy - The Flying Penguin TME Product Catalog Ultimate Smoke Sytem - UK regards Alan T.
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The B&B Super Smoke System is the best. Not nearly the simplest, but the best. JMHO
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Have used both the TME and the B&B..Both give great smoke. The B&B is the easiest to maintain...if you can mount a pressure tap on your battery to mess with either. JMHO
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Just for us less than fully knowledgeable on smoke systems could you spell out the TLA's in your posts?
Bob Tomlinson Aussie RC'er and Rugby fanatic
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They're not three-letter acronyms, they're brand names.
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Mathew Kirsch

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