*&^$! (Stabilizer oops)

Just got done overcoming all the problems with materials and engineering
on my Top Flight Nobler, and started sanding it to profile -- backwards.
I nicely rounded off the hinge line, instead of the leading edge.
Bad Dobby. Bad, bad Dobby.
It isn't even all the way together and it's already got a crash repair...
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Tim Wescott
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Two or three times in my life I have assembled wings with the dihedral backwards (upside down). I'm also famous for building the firewall in the fuselage with all of the thrust angles reversed. Darn if I know why. Just once in a while I get it all wrong, but most of the time it turns out all right.
Ed Cregger
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Ed Cregger
That reminds me of the time I was covering a biplane. I got to the point where it was time to do the top wing. I looked over to where I had put it to see one of the kids it for a hammer, leading edge down to get more force.
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