Two Months and still waiting for missing Trumpeter F4U-4 Parts

I called the distributor today, and still no idea of when I may get the
parts - a metal hinge fret and the instrument panel film. They claim they
haven't got any in since they got my complaint (January 5), Yet all the
hobby shops are advertizing - back in stock for February. The real message
here is check your kit and return it if anything is missing. Unfortunately I
started building before taking inventory. In some cases where there's a
major screwup like the windscreens on the Mig-3 they get a shipment of
spares - those guys got quick service. I was starting to be a Trumpeter fan,
what with the Aircraft carriers and the K-5, but their customer support, and
some of the major screwups like ejection pin marks on the outer surface,
has me thinking a lot different now. I tend to dislike negative posts but
can't help but wonder if anyone else has had a bad experience or is it just
me. Their attitude seems really like they're doing me a favor instead of
correcting a screwup on a product they should be responsuible for.
Val Kraut
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Val Kraut
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If it makes you feel any better, several weeks ago I used the "contact us" feature on the Trumpeter web page to ask for a replacement part for the 1/32 scale MiG-3. I got a response from them within 2 days informing me the needed part would be mailed to me right away and I was qite hopeful. However, to date, it has not arrived.
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Bill Woodier
Bill, Thanks for the reply. This is interesting - when I spoke to them they used the Mig-3 as an example of a problem with many kits - in this case the windscreen. Trumpeter realized they had a problem and sent a supply of replacements. These could be shipped as the complaint came in. Was your problem with the windscreen? Otherwise you're probably in the same boat as me, or they ran out.
Actually I find that to be a bit disturbing also. that they may still be shipping although defective and letting the hobbist find the problem. Some of us buy for future builts and don't always do a part by part inventory. I can remeber posts about Tamiya's distributor having parts on hand - and I believe for some kits you could actually purchase an extra sprue.
I know their policy has turned me off on their products - guess I'll never have a 1/48th SM79 at this rate.
Val Kraut
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Val Kraut
If you're interested in their '60 Pontiacs there was a report - briefly - on Hobby Heaven's message board about the less than satisfactory chrome parts. As I read the later comments it seems the chrome is rather flat. I think folks deserve to hear about a 'flaw' in a somewhat expensive car kit so they know what they're getting.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Bill Banaszak
Bill, Not to end up a Trumpeter basher - but it seems alot of the kits have some weird characteristics, On the F4U-4, the tail wheel retracts, but the main gear and all the doors don't. There's alot of eject pin holes - sometimes on the inside - sometimes on the outer surface. The control surfaces have hinges - on the fret I'm missing - yet once you put the push rods in place they can't move. The review on the net indicated that the hinges on the wing fold prevent the wing from closing. I read this after purchasing the kit. Yet, It looks like it builds into a really nice display, I would like to finish it if I can ever get the missing parts.
My next buy would have been the F4U-1 or the SM79. The 79 also has its (correctable in genreal) problems but is the only one in town. Somethings are really hard to correct such as a bad finish on chrome, and that's where we should try to notify each other via sites such as this.
Val Kraut
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Val Kraut
You'd be better off with the Classic Airframes kit. The tail empennage on the Trumpeter is undersize and difficult to correct. HTH
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