F4U-4 with Tiny Tim rockets

I plan on building a 1/48 F4U-4 Corsair, carrying two Tiny Tim rockets. I have only found 2 photos on the internet of Corsairs carrying Tiny Tims. The first was an F4U-1D, carrying one on the centerline. The second photo shows an F4U-4 carrying 2 Tiny Tims. It appears to be an official US Navy photo, but the detail is not sufficient for me to see how the Tiny Tims are attached to the pylons. Does anybody have any detailed info on the subject, i.e. photos or drawings? Also, there doesn't seem to be a large selection of aftermarket F4U-4 decals. The ones I got (Superscale 48-38) are incorrectly marked (as usual). All the markings are for F4U-1D aircraft. Were there any all black F4U-4's? If you wish to contact me direct, use snipped-for-privacy@cox.net, remove NOSPAM to reply. TIA Larry Engesath

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