Super Tigre Bluehead G60 Muffler

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No,I don't think so. I have never seen a muffler for this engine. It looks like it originally came with an exhaust baffle but also has holes for a bolt on muffler. The center of the exhaust port is tapped for a bolt for the baffle but the throttle linkage doesn't look like it could connect to a baffle. Maybe later productions did not come with a baffle.
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charles hampton
There was a Super Tigre muffler made for this engine, but it was a separately purchased accessory; it did not come with the engine. That is why they are difficult to find. It was a venturi type muffler and was more of an exhaust deflector than it was a muffler. Most guys flying pattern back then used third party mufflers for these engines.
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Tom Minger
Keep on searching, Charles!
I bought a couple of really neat little NIB vintage Super Tigres without mufflers and had a heck of a time finding them. As long as you're not in a hurry, you'll track one down, eventually.
Good flying, desmobob
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Robert Scott
A header was available as a separate item, as was a tuned pipe. Recently gave both away as the ST "Blue Head" engine was installed with an in-cowl muffler in an old Cass Engineering "Steen Skybolt" regards Alan T. Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links
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