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Good writeup Lyman. Your advice is exactly how I have always set up Super Tigres!! It works!

Couldn't agree more with Ed -- > > Though I have not had a .90, more than 50 of us have been racing the > smaller ST 40s for over a year now. To a man, all agree they require a > rather lengthy break in before you achieve total reliability. As they say: > "When all else fails, read the instructions." We are running 15% Cool > Power as a 'standard' fuel. There is also an article within my Web Site > that has some pretty darn good basic info on setting ST carbs in general. >
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> >>> >>> I'M SORTA BUDGETING MYSELF AND GOT THE SUPTER TIGRE 90 FOR MY EDGE 540 >>> 60 SIZE, I HEARD FEW NEGATIVE RUMORS ON THIS MAKE, IS THERE A CHANGE >>> SINCE. I REALLY WANT THE O.S BUT WITH THAT MONEY I COULD GET 2 1/2 >>> SUPER TIGRE ALREADY ANY SUGGESTION. THANX >>> >>> SUPG0235 G90 RING W/MUFFLER :confused: >> >> ------------- >> >> The Super Tigre G90 is a great engine, but it takes a while to break-in >> properly. Until it is broken-in it will be miserable to operate with >> complete confidence. After a gallon or two of consumed (not all that much >> for a .90 size engine), it will gradually improve in handling and >> reliability (staying running). Folks spoiled by OS short break-in times >> can view the Tigres as being awful, when, in fact, they are fantastic >> engines if one breaks them in on a test stand where a model is not at >> risk during the engine's temperamental phase. The temperamental phase >> will gradually disappear as the engine acquires running time. It takes >> far less money in the cost of break-in fuel than the difference in price >> between the OS FX-90 and the ST G-90. >> >> Ed Cregger >> > >
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just though to drop by to let everyone know that i just completed build the plane and will try to get it up on the sky this coming weekend if i have the time. wish me luck. thanks all.

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On Wed, 13 Aug 2008 01:32:32 -0500, MATHewmoua wrote in :

Happy landings!

Let us know how it all turns out ...


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