Super Tigre Needle Valves

I have several STs that are 61s and 75s and a few old carbs. All the needle valves are the same and have the same odd characteristic. There is no way to (that I can find) to take out that short wire extension that sticks out of the end of the valve and is bent. I have a new plane with a cowl and the damn thing is not long enough to stick out thru the cowl. Does anyone know hot to get this wire out so I can replace it with a longer one?

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Ted Kennedy
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Funny you mentioned that. I was just looking at one of those needles sticking out of the cowl of my little .40-size Ultimate biplane. I was thinking that it was ugly, but it reminds me that a good old Italian-made Super Tigre is in there. :-)

I get the impression the wire sticking out is not an extension, but the end of the needle itself with the brass portion being pressed on. If I found the need to extend one, I think I'd try silver-soldering an extension onto it.

Good flying, desmobob

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Robert Scott

I think he's right about the needle being what sticks out. I'm not so sure about soldering to it. You might flatten a side of the brass knurn and make a tool to go in a hole that fits the brass. I drilled out a collar, put it on the needle and made a tool with a notch that fits the collar. mk (pis of necessary)

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I would cut the needle between the nut and the bend and solder in an appropriate length of brass tube. I used STs in all my CL planes years ago and this was our solution when the cowl covered the end of the needle.

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