The Futaba FF9

Anyone have it? Happy with it?

Anyone had any problems withit? Im currently saving up for one.. /Ben

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| Anyone have it?

I believe it's called the 9C in the US. If so, I've got it.

| Happy with it?

Yes, it's a fine radio. But if I had it to do again, I'd probably buy one of the high-end Hitec or Aitrtronics radios, especailly one with adjustable shift and a `any frequency' module. But that's just me.

(The lack of a frequency synthesizer module (I know the Spectra will work, but I'd rather not tempt the FCC/insurance people) and adjustable shift are what I'd really like that I don't have now.) | Anyone had any problems withit?

It's made of plastic, but is then made to look like it's made of metal by covering it with silver/gold `foil' ... well, this foil is beginning to peel off on mine and it looks bad. Well, it's not really peeling off, but it's doing something that looks bad. It's hard to explain -- it's bubbling up or something.

It's purely cosmetic, but still ... the radio is only like a year old.

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Doug McLaren

thanx for the tips! This radio is however cheaper then the "highest" end radios.. The synthesizer radios cost allmost double? isn't that so?

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