trouble with new evolution .61

This is too weird. This engine will not start with factory settings. Primed, fueled, hot plug. It fires every flip and runs for one second. period. No GO. After a couple hours of that I started tweaking needles and found that backing the idle jet out permitted the engine to start and run at a fast idle. But then any advancement of throttle kills it. So, I tweak the same screw back in while engine is idling and low and behold the engine idles faster and I have full power using the throttle. Runs great, full power, but now I can't slow it down below about one third throttle which I doubt I could land the plane at. To sum it up, won't run unless idle screw is backed out a LOT, then runs only at idle. To get full power I again screw idle screw back in while at idle, but then I can't get it back to idle. High speed jet is set at factory setting which does seem correct.

I have repeated the above for two hours on three seperate days this month, same darn thing every time. Wish my Evolution was like everybody else's. HELP. Dan Cutter

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Dan, You don't give us a lot to go on. Size of prop, Brand of Fuel, Type of plane, etc. What your experience level is.

You might want to see if you can find some local help: Shop at which you purchased the engine, local R/C club, or local experienced fliers and so on.

Also the Norizon Hobby Product Support number is: 1-877-504-0233

Call them and see if they can help, maybe the engine needs to be sent in for Warranty work.

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Have you taken the needles out and flushed the carb? Sounds like there is some FOD in it. Also, check for leaks around the base of the carb and backplate.

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Paul McIntosh

Is this a new engine? How many hours? If it is new engine take it back to your dealer for warranty work.

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As far as I'm concerned, it is!

I have assisted several with the 60 and a few more with the 40/46. The "factory settings" are simply a waste of time. I really worked to check those things out with the first few. Then i learned to take that little restrictor off and as far as I would, throw it away. Use the high speed to get it running, set the low speed for a decent idle, slightly rich, re-adjust the high speed, then after a hour or so flying retune the idle, and it works just like a 2-cycle Glow Engine. A good one at that!

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Some manufacturers ship the engines with the main needle closed. Standard procedure is:

1) open the main needle 3 turns 2) place a piece of tubing, and blow on it whilst opening the idle needle with carb near closed. A modelling pin should just fot in the carb gap. The idle setting where you start hearing a hiss is about right. Then start the engine, and attend to full throttle. Lean the engine out to just at the verge of running smooth. Now attend to idle. open up a bit, and then lean out to the point that it will no longer accept throttle. Reset to the last setting that accepted the throttle application

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