Vacuum forming - fridge compressors

There was recently a post re vacuum forming that fridge compressors are better than vacuum cleaner motors.

I've got an old fridge that I'm about to get rid of and the compressor still works but I have no idea how to convert the compressor for that use.

Anybody have some details about how to make a vacuum former from an old compressor?


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John Hopgood
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It has most of the information you need - except how to wire the compressor.


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Ken Barnes

To work well, you would probably need to use the vacuum for the initial suction then the compressor to do the final detail suck.

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Paul McIntosh

What happened to using vacuum cleaner motor/fan assemblies?

I had the oportunity to use a professional vacuum forming machine once at a friends house and that is what it used. Well, two of them, but it was a big machine meant to make magnetically attached signs for automobiles.

Ed Cregger

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Ed Cregger


They do not make refrigerators with that freon anymore. And as for the older ones, you should not care about bull s!~~.

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Sport Pilot

I got a new R-12 small freezer on sale at Sears about 10 years ago for $112 because refrigerant was considered obsolete. Still runs good.

-- HPT

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High Plains Thumper

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