What's a Raptor 30 v1 worth? (ready-to-fly)

I have a version 1 Raptor 30 that I'm needing to sell. Wonder if anyone could comment on the "street value" of this ready-to-fly setup:

Raptor 30 v1 OS 32 SX Futaba 8UHP gyro (can't remember brand right now)

I have posted it for sale locally and said "Reasonable offer accepted." I have had someone ask me for my asking price, and I don't really have one. What do you think.

Thank you, John

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If its in reasonably good shape, no broken or damaged parts, and it doesn't "look worn", with everything working, could be around $300.00 more or less. Check ebay for V1 prices, they come up fairly often. It won't be hard to sell, its fairly popular, even as a early version.

Helis are somewhat difficult to sell for what you might think they are worth...they wear out faster or get more easily damaged than a plane, lots of potential abuse, so prices on ebay tend to be what I'd consider on the low side, due to the pig-in-a-poke factor. A face to face meeting, such as at a swap meet, may go better cause the buyer can inspect it first.

"First impressions" make a big difference, IMHO. That means a CLEAN heli. The canopy should be neary pristine, no cracks, peeling decals, flaked or chipping paint. Grease at a minimum. Clean the dust and dirt out of the nooks and crannies. Replace stained fuel tanks.

oops...got carried away here! Not what you were asking. :)


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John T

Thanks for the responses. I've checked eBay but it's hard to get any meaningful numbers there (e.g. one might be $183 with reserve not met, and another is $1000 with no bids; etc.) I should have mentioned that mine is totally stock, built from the kit (not ARF), has the full bearing upgrade, and has the receiver, servos and battery that came with the 8UHP. Flown but never crashed; about 5 tanks worth.

I don't know what improvements/fixes they made in the v2, but hopefully the v1 is still a viable heli for a beginner.


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Did you look at the completed listings on eBay?

Item 5948150792 sold for $500 (+ $30 shipping) on Jan. 8 - nice looking V1 with all electronics plus Skysport 6H radio and OS 32 engine

Item 5947053823 sold for $370 on Dec. 31 - nice looking V1 with TT39 engine "upgraded" with a Raptor 50 tailboom and main blades. Includes servos and CSM gyro, but no receiver or transmitter.

Someplace else to go look is

formatting link
in their classifieds section.

Based on those eBay items and having a better radio I'd think you should be able to get at least $500 assuming it's in good condition.


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Joe Bill

Go to :

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can see what similar helis fetch in the classifieds.


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Fritz the Cat

John, to get an idea you need to look at the completed sales, not those currently open, to see what the item actually sold for.


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Sorry, but I don't have enough experience with the used market to give you a good estimate. However, I think you will need to provide a little more information to get an accurate estimate form someone who knows the street value on a used Raptor. (I'd like to pick up a used V2 someday) First off list any modifications you have made or just mention that it's stock. Also the brand and model of gyro, brand /model servos and receiver. Are the blades stock (wood) or glass/carbon? How used is it? Has it been crashed? Does it have a good high capacity battery included? Of course you can also get an idea by looking at the prices on Ebay.

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