What's the deal with the GMS .32?

I just ordered a GMS .32 and mentioned it to a well respected friend.

He said that the recent versions were having some sort of difficulty with the metallurgy. Does anyone know anything about this? One way or another?


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Everyone I know with a GMS (all 47's) reckon they are excellent and compare very well in performance to the OS 46AX engines (a bit cheaper to). Given the half dozen or so in the club (with nothing but praise) I'll probably be buying one when I get a 46-47 class aircraft.

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The Raven

Thanks for the reply.

I'm just getting back into the hobby after a two year or so layoff. When I left, the GMS engines were getting fairly good reviews. Usually my friend is dead-on with his warnings and he doesn't make them lightly.

Back when everyone was having trouble with Fox and ASP engines, I was running them without a problem. But, to be fair, I've been doing this stuff for nearly five decades now, so I should have learned a little something along the way.

I think the main complaint that I remember hearing about the GMS engines was that they would not stop via the carb barrel travel. That I could contend with and had already factored that into the equation before buying. Metallurgy problems, as mentioned by my friend, usually mean a poor piston/liner fit, soft crankpin or some other sinister trait.

It isn't as though I spent a fortune for the GMS .32. I'll give it a try anyway. The overall weight with muffler, if accurately portrayed, is really astounding.

It is time to dig out the old metallic red and white Fun One and go tear up some sky again. Now, if I can only figure out how to get my electric scooter in and out of the minivan...

TAS (Ed Cregger)

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Hey Ed,

Glad to have you back!!! Hope you get the scooter prob licked. :)

Jim W

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Thanks, Jim. I really missed you guys. (garsh...)

Ed Cregger

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