aotodesk land 2006 point groups

'am not sure if this is the right newsgroup for land desktop topics.
(perhaps anyone knows the apropriate one)
afterall... i'm trying to explore point groups and first problem
appeared is simply how to join points drawn on a drawing into any of
allready created point group.
answer seems to be pretty simple, but searching the land's help didn't
succeed with any solution.
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If you wish to select the point to add to a group, there is no direct built in command for that.....although it would be a relatively simple lisp routine to write.
If you just want to add a known point number, or group of numbers, to an existing group: Open the Point Group Manager; find the group you want to add to; right click and select Properties; a dialog will come up and you can put the point numbers into the "Include point numbers matching: " OR you can now select them on the screen.
HTH Jeff
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