Changing sizes?? Newbie ques

Yesterday I was doing a drawing to send to the router and then needed
to increase the size of one item. How can this be done without
redrawing it? Lets say I put down a rectangle where X= 6" and Y=4".
Now I realized it needs to be X=6" but Y needs to be 4.5" What is the
easiest, quickest way to make the change. I was looking for something
like an attributes dialog box that would just let me enter the new
size but cant find anything like that.
Thank you for any help.
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Paul Turvill
But stretch will only pull out a corner of the Rectangle not the entire side? Is that the only way to do it? Alex
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No, no. You start the 'Stretch' command and window through both sides that you wish to change.
You can either switch 'Ortho' on, window through the top of the rectangle (including both vertical sides), move the mouse vertically and input the distance needed.
Or, window as above and type the distance as @0.5 But stretch will only pull out a corner of the Rectangle not the
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B. W. Salt.
I didn't know that! (I still think the OP might be picking and dragging *A* grip....)
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Michael Bulatovich

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