Column Slenderness - Please Reply

Following my earlier postings I have detected more than 1450 hits on the
column slenderness page of my web site, so I assume there is some interest
here, but alas only a handful of people (thank you to them) have expressed
an opinion on the subject. Please don't be shy, your responses are vital if
we are to see any improvement in BS5950. You may email me direct if you do
not wish to debate this thing publicly.
Martin Double
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How about you BS449 die hards? It would be in your interests to show-up Limit State Design for what it is. After all this kind of problem is not so critical with Permissible Stress Design, and does not exist at all while BS449 slenderness limits apply.
How's that for a can of worms!
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The heck with all this slenderness crap....just build it out of rebar and concrete
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Loopey Lopez
But not to skinny.
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Don't you mean the new Eupr Code ;0)
Alan (Cadalot) I was once long and slender, now at 45 I'm short and dumpy!
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