donate a design to paint my pc case (eg flames)

I would like to paint my computer case, but have no artistic ability
whatsoever. I have even yet to learn the artistic applications of
foreshortening. I tried straight neon orange years before. I never got
around to the stripes. I'm thinking of a zebra at the moment. I don't know
if I should attempt the plastic front, because of adherance, but I really
don't care too much, no matter how good the Intel inside is.
Could anybody offer a flame design that I could use.
Actually the dark side of the moon is a definite possibility.
Any suggestions?
I can print out and cut out a template using multiples of letter or legal
size on my Lexmark 5150. I will take the time to do it right.
Suggestions, including colour layering may be a definite requirment. I
know R and G makes...
A minimal amount of immagination is possible. i.e red, orange, and/or black
A template made up of layers of AutoCAD is what I'm thinking - or other.
I just thought I'd throw this up and see what happens. My time on my pc is
important to me, but I'm definitely glad I thought of this.
I'm off to look up some simple images, but I am so not artistically
inclined. Knowing how to create even a single colour template is the hard
part for me, if you know what I mean.
I already have black, white, yellow, orange, green, and blue sparay paint,
give or take.
SIDES(2): 16.5"² steel
TOP : 7.875" x 16.5" steel
FRONT : 16.75" x 7.875" wrapped face plastic
Thanks In Advance
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