Draw gears?

Yes, HobMaster draws spur gears with complete size and feature control but more than that, HobMaster brings some of the problems of involute spur gear study within common reach. HobMaster assists in modeling the involute spur gear tooth form by graphically simulating the hobbing process. A drawn "cutter", optionally changeable, forms the basis for the "pseudo hobbing". The resulting measureable tooth form consists of a GENERATED involute and fillet, not an abstract calculated one.

A screen report documents all vital data including automatic measurements of the circular tooth thickness, the outside diameter, the root diameter and, where it normally exists on small tooth numbers, the exact point where the root fillet intersects with the involute profile. HobMaster was briefly described in Manufacturing Engineering, July, 1995, p. 28. While it was designed for AutoCAD Release 13, this version works inside releases 2004 and


As always, let me know of problems you encounter. Also, whether it works with your lower or higher versions of AutoCAD. The following download is nearly

1/2 Mb and consists of the program and the PDF help file.

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Len Miller

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