Helical Gears - Ivan Law

Ivan Law published a set of revised gear cutter buttons in Model Engineer
June 1990. In the article he mentioned he omitted the cutting of Helical
Gears from his book 'Gears and Gear Cutting'. There is hint in the article
of the possibility of further articles on the subject of helical gears in
Does anyone have an references to further articles on Helical Gear cutting?
Thank you in advance.
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Dave, these are the only two references I can find in the ME Index:
Vol.174, No.3991, p.468, Gears from Scratch 2, Jock Smith, Describes spur, helical and spiral gear manufacture. Making a spur gear, addendum correction, helical gears, spiral gears, problems, picture on page 455
Vol.196, No.4269, p.339, Cutting Spiral Gears in the Lathe", Rex Swensen, Explains his methods. Hobbing process, leadscrew ratios, computer, helical gear equations, possible gear solutions 8:16 teeth, spiral design for cam shaft drive
HTH, Mike Gray in Beautiful BC, Home of the 2010 Olympics
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Michael Gray
There is quite a lot of data in Machinery's handbook (at least in my 13th edition). I think you have to let us know a little more about what you want to do and what equipment you have to do it on. I have done some of these on home workshop equipment, but they are not easy and you wqill make scrap to begin with!. If I can help further, please contact me Peter
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You need the Brown and Sharp book Practical Treatise on Gearing.
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This is also a nice one.
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and this
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John Stevenson Nottingham, England.
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John S

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