Standard Gears for Pro Engineer

Anyone who knows where you can download already drawn standard gears for use in Pro Engineer ?

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I'm guessing that, by 'standard gears', you mean spur gears. While this is the simplest type, there is still an infintite number of possible spur gears, depending on DP and number of teeth. Some manufacturers may have a line of gears, but most are specialty houses that design/make to order. They make a large variety of gearing types and sizes. Most are generated, not as geometry, but as instructions for setting up the specialized machinery that cuts the gear blanks/teeth. In the several years I worked as a gear maker in Chicago, I never saw a repeat of a gear. If you check Machinery's Handbook, under gearing, you'll see about 20 parameters that must be calculated to completely define even the simplest gear. And most of these depend on specialized AGMA software for the design/calculation. Sorry, I think you're SOL.

BTW, what do you need this for? If you're just trying to show gear movement in a gear train, you can use "rollers" in MDX (wheels at pitch diameter) set to move at a given gear ratio. Pro/e doesn't recognize or make any use of tooth engagement, anyway. So, all the fancy tooth geometry is kind of a waste in Pro/e. Any serious gear design requires the dedicated tools and Pro/e is not among them.

David Janes

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