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I'm running AutoCAD 2006 here at the office and need to order a few new
workstations to keep up with this resource hog of a program. These
workstations will also be running Creative Suite, another hog, but
likely not simultaneously. Can anyone give me good feedback on whether
I should stick with a single core processor at a faster clock speed
(3.8GHZ) or go with a Pentium D 830 3.00 GHZ. I haven't looked into the
dual Xeon, as I don't know much about those either. As I understand it,
the dual chips process each at 3.00 GHZ but process different things /
programs so you get a little less lag. Does this sound right?
Is Autocad even capable of Hyperthreading? From what I can pick up in
various articles, no, but I'd like to know if anyone's recent upgraded
from a single core to a dual core and what discernable differences have
been noted.
Thanks for any insight you can provide!
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I can't speak about AutoCAD2006, but I run 2004 using WinXP on both my work machine Dell Dimension (P4 2.8GHz/512MB RAM/UDMA133) and at home on a much older Compaq AP400 (Dual P3-700MHz/768MB RAM/SCSI UW). I do optical/mechanical design using mainly surfaces and solids. Most of my models are ~2.5-6.5MB in size. I know Autocad 2004 is not a multithreaded application, but it performs far, far better on the older Compaq. The system is much more responsive especially when I have Outlook, Excel, and/or my Optical FEA package running in the background. Looking at task manager's CPU utilisation window during typical drawing/modelling operations, both CPUs do seem to share the load quite evenly or at least WinXP seems to show this. If it were my money, I'd have a look at Tom's Hardware benchmark tests before spending at this level. I'd still be tempted to go for a dual or at least dual-core cpu.
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Hello, I had the same problem few month ago.
CAD specialized station are 2 expensive for me, and i always buy multimedia designed station, because i need every kind of port, connexion to do my work. CAD station are always poor with that kind of equipments ...
I finally bought an AMD64X2 whit 2 SLI nvidia graphic cards.
Autocad 2006 IS NOT multi threads, but for some process, (i espacially think to WIn GDI) it can run quickly on the 2 processor (zoom, printing etc) but the rule is that it cannot exceed 50% of CPU charge (just one of the 2 cores)
What i can say now, that for me dual core is interesting because i always make several tasks. when autocad slows down for opening a design, switching from paper space 2 object, i look to my mails, or i look something on Internet, and i've always the second core to do it comfortable.
But some programs have trouble whith dual core, so be careful (Thunderbird mail etc ...)
Multimedia gamer Graphics cards have Open GL feature that are slowed down by their drivers : so with autocad, they are slow, even if they are faster for game that pro ones.
Is i work with Autodesk Map 3d 2006, i cannot use hardware acceleration because there is a bug : you can see witness of Autodesk map bugs here :
formatting link
(I'm sorry that title are in french, but the report are in english)
All the problem i had with autodesk map decided me to compare performance : I 've adapted cadalyst benchmark, you can find it on my site :
formatting link
you can have some results here : news://news.planetar.net:119/dn9nfq$ snipped-for-privacy@planetar.CADFRANCE
I'm sorry again its a french forum, but cadalyst benchmark results are always in english ...
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