dual core and SW

New computer at home has the 4600+ dual core AMD. Did some anecdotal
testing ( ship in a bottle ), along with actual SW use ( testing 2007 ).
Manual setting processor affinity to single core is ~ 30% faster than with
dual core. There may be perforance gains in drawings/assemblies and such,
but in a single part environment, which is where 90+% of my time is spent,
single core seems to be faster.
Is there a way to set SW or windows to always run SW in single core?
Manually setting core affinity is only good as long as the process is
running. Once shut down and restarted, it auto-reverts to dual core.
Trying to remember to always set core affinity is a pain.
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I seem to remember reading there is no native way to do this in Windows. A third party app can do this for you. I did a search on "set processor affinity XP" and found some links to some free tools through some gaming forums.
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Dale Dunn
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?showtopic=65211&&DI=293&IG=77c282707cc94e918257abd745eb322a&POS=5&CM=WPU&CE=5&CS=AWP&SR=5 Someone did write a utility to do just that. I had been searching using to vague of terms and coming up with a bunch of junk.
Haven't tried this at home on the dual core AMD but just installed it here at work where I have been operating with hyperthreading (Intel chip) turned off for better SW performance. The performance difference gap is now small enough that I've enabled hyperthreading which will allow me to continue to use the computer while SW is crunching #s.
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