Dual Core CPU

I was suprised today.
I've read the parasolid modeling engine is multi-threaded which means it
supports multiple processors or in my case a dual-core processor. Normally
my task manager is running at 50% because most of what Solidworks does is
linear and not multi-threaded. In the model I'm working on I'm modifying it
by using the delete face and move face functions in Solidworks. These
functions must be multi-threaded in parasolid because both CPU's were
running at 100%.
I am running an Athlon 64 X2 Dual core Processor 4600+ @ 2.41 GHZ.
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In past testing while watching perfmon during a lengthy rebuild I saw 100% for short stints. In the end though it amounted to just a few percent improvement.
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We are running a Pentium D 2.8 with 2 gig ram. We have seen a massive improvement in rendering speed. I have quantified it as I didnt benchmark the prior machine ( a 2.4 AMD XP w/1 gig ) but an informal comparison of the two both in solid development as well as rendering yields a big perceived speed increase. This is also due to a bus speed increase as well as going to a 16M cache SATA 150 drive with an onboard controller versus running a WD 8m cache SATA drive off a PCI controller card.
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IDAssociates LLC
Rendering as in PhotoWorks or Drawings are the two areas that will benefit. Ordinary modeling won't. Also, Cosmos will be helped.
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