Export smooth mesh ! HELP !

I'm a complete newbie so please excuse my question.
I have created a mechanic piece in Autocad 2004 that contains extruded
circles, subtracted solids, ...
I would like to then import the model in 3dsmax but when I import the dwg or
the 3DS file the extruded circles only have 12 facets : doesn't look like a
cylinder !
how can I export the real model (smooth), real circles, cylinder ... ?
Thank you very much !
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William A.
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I'm not a 3Der, so I can't say for sure, but it sounds like a setting, to me. If you created solids in Acad, they are what they are. Could it be possible an erroneous export setting from Acad, an import setting in 3dsmax or maybe even a simple display setting in 3dsmax?
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Might be that your value of VIEWRES is too low. It controls the number of straight lines used to produce a circle in AutoCAD. REGEN makes it look like a true circle, but perhaps the other software cannot produce that effect.
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B. W. Salt.

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