Finding the angle between two arcs

I have 2 arcs with one common point at the ends,
How can i get the angle between both the arcs.
Using angular dimensions i am able to get the angle of arcs,
but wat i need is the angle at the point of joint(intersection) of
both the arcs.
How can this be done??????
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See my comments interspersed below.
There's really no such thing. You must mean something else.
Under the Angular Dimension prompt the default is to just pick an object to dimension, but there is a prompt that varies with different versions as well. If you hit ENTER at that prompt you will be able to pick points for the vertex, start point and end point of the dimension. That should get you what you want.
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Michael Bulatovich
You can find the angle between each radius line to the point of interection of the two arcs. The arc is at right angles to the radius line (by definition).
So it is simple geometry, the angle between the arc tangent is 180 degrees minus the angle between the radii :-
but you could draw tangent lines to each arc (perpendicular to the radius at the intersection line) and angular dimension this?
Depends on wether you need an engineering solution to a problem or you are playing with geometrig drawing!
Best regards
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I assume from your question that you want the angle from the PI of one arc to the PI of the other. Draw a line from any where, to the center (base snap mid pt) of each arc line. The PI's are at where the line meets the arc midpoint. Then dimension the angle between them.
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