Sendcommand ????

Can we give any name to the object drawn using "SendCommand" from
Visual Basic. I want to write events and modify the object drawn(like
extending the line if i draw line)
How can i change the properties like color, starting point, angle
etc... for the resulting object?
How can i get it done?
Thanx in advance
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You can find out the last object drawn from the drawing objects collection, if your Sencommand instruction does create only one object.
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Using the "SendCommand" to create an entity is a bad idea. Create an object and set its properties that way.
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Thanx for the reply.
Can you tell me, how can i draw an arc where i have the data (start point, end point, and some middle point). I dont have radius to draw it using "AddArc".
I am getting these values(start point, middle point(indicates the path to go) and end point) from database.
thanx in advance
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