Color and Optics Property Manager?

Tinkering with materials for the first time, and trying out making a new
material database, etc.
The help file discusses a "Color and Optics Property Manager" where it
would seem that custom colors can
be applied, etc. This help file entry was called up from the Materials
Editor. Problem is, the help file doesn't divulge how this tool is
accessed. There is nothing other that a basic color chart within Materials
Editor -> Visual Properties.
Apparently I've missed something.
Any ideas?
Sw2004 Sp4.1
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bill a
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I don't know about 2005 but 2004 has very limited API control over the new material properties. If you use .NET I believe there is a custom color picker control.
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Corey Scheich
I wasn't looking for an API control, but just making a custom color within the user dialog screen in Materials Editor. I made a part, went into the Materials Editor (in the FM) -> Create/Edit Material -> Visual Properties (tab). The help file discusses a "Color and Optics Property Manager" which has quite a few controls, but where is it ?? Thanks Bill
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bill a

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