Help Wanted need AutoCad Draftsperson

We need an AutoCAD draftsperson to draw land survey drawings on your home computer and email them back to us. You must have a fax capability so we can send you field notes deeds and tax maps. These are small 8.5" by 14" drawings.

Please email your resume.

Thank you,

Steven R. Kelly

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Steven R. Kelly
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Look out. I did a land survey drawing for these people and was neither paid for it nor given any indication as to whether the work I did was acceptable or not. I'm not saying its a scam just look out that's all.

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David W

HiHo; I did land survey drafting for 12 years and cartography for 8 years. Where are you located. reply to

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Here's an older post by the same people: "We need AutoCad draftsperson to draw small Land Survey plot plans 8.5" X

14" . You need your own computer, AutoCad software and fax program with dedicated phone line.

These plans take 1/2 hour to one hour to draw after some practice and after you setup your computer. We pay $ 15.00 each. We will fax info to you by

7pm each night and you will email the drawing back by 7am the next day.

Please email info about yourself along with your email address phone number and fax number. Our fax number is 1-800-731-8880"

This is from back in Jan. (they also made more postings between then and now). So, that leads you to believe they're going about finding someone all wrong, whether with their search (i.e. spam) techniques or with the job their offering. They pay $15 per drawing and on average they take 45 minutes (45 minutes "after some practice and after you setup your computer", in the mean time it'll take long and you'll earn less per hr.) , which works out to be $20/hr. Now for that $20/hr they expect you to have AutoCAD ($600-$3800 + upgrade costs), a computer ($1500-2000), a dedicated phone line ($15-30 per month) and internet/email access ($10-20/month). Granted the computer and internet/email access most people would already have, but it their costs still need to be considered when calculating overhead. And of course, someone having the software and dedicated phone line isn't as common.

If they'd offer a decent wage maybe they'd fine someone good, and get them to keep doing it. At what their paying though it's not worth the hassle. Especially when you consider they should be paying a "rush" fee since they expect you to turn the project around in 12 hours.

I wonder what "Steven's" reason is for looking for someone to do this now for 9+ months without success.

Michael (LS)

PS - BTW, Steven's website is

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if someone is seriously considering contacting him.

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Michael (LS)

If you are for real how about a phone number?

-- TheWizard [ ] email is faked to deter spammers ......................................... Vivat vox populi, via veritas vtae Sic transit gloria mundi, sic itur ad astra

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I couldn't agree more with your assessment of this poster. ;)

I've been working in the civil/surveying field for over 10 years, and wouldn't touch that with a 40 foot pole.

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same here, this fellow may be using drafters to do his realstate work." scan all the way" I also did a plan and got no reponse, after contacting them again i warned him about his apperance.

seems like he didn't here my advice, some one should investigate!

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Wuillian Medrano

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