Introducing an industry first - 2D on-line nesting!

Hi all,
What is the E-Nesting ON-LINE service?
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E-Nesting is the remarkable new way to nest your parts. It is
delivered on-line though your web browser, so there is NOTHING
additionally that needs to be installed on your computer.
Nesting "on-demand" !
E-Nesting is a nesting service based on intelligence software
program specifically designed to be offered as an "on-demand"
nesting service. E-Nesting provides users with the means to
upload 2D input vector files. At the web portal, information is
aggregated and synchronized for the purpose of getting the
optimized true nesting calculation. Details such as real-time
waste calculation along with a graphical representation between
multiple irregular shapes, coupled with analyses, are provided
to the customer in the form of real-time, web-based dashboards.
The E-NESTING system also includes help that describes a list of
actionable information for every input parameter.
Anywhere and Anytime - wherever is the internet connection,
today, that is almost everywhere !
E-Nesting securely and easily processes your data anywhere and
at anytime using your IT infrastructure and our reliable and
secure on-line program. The pay-as-you-go service is designed to
lower the costs; users do not need to install any additional
software or hire additional IT resources for managing E-Nesting
intelligence information system. There is no any kind of setup
or subscription fee.
E-Nesting is a 24/7 ON-Line nesting SANDBOX !
E-Nesting is based on state-of-art true nesting algorithm and
helps customers gain knowledge into nesting arena.It gives users
real-time preview insight into how to improve nesting result and
processes. The comprehensive WEB based software provides for
real-time capturing, aggregating, and analyzing of nesting test
results and user pays the E-Nesting service accordingly with
actual usage and only when you are satisfied with the result.
Speed and accuracy - Powered By On-Line Nesting Technology,
controlled by you !
So point your browsers to
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and try out our demo!
Have a question? Please read FAQ section on our web site first
if it does not answer your question we'll more than glad to
assist you. For contact information please view the "Contact us"
page on the web site.
E-Nesting Team
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