laptop/notebook widescreen??

Hi all,
I would like to buy a laptop/notebook, what kind of display should I choose,
a normal 15 inch or a 15,4 widescreen version?
are there recommendations for laptops? I was concerning for fujitsu-siemens
or toshiba.
Any help will be appreciated,
Thanks in advance Sander
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I do prefer widescreen.
no bad choice, would have a look at the DELL notebooks too, at elast for 3D CAX apps the Decision series is probably the best bang for the buck.
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Norbert Grund
I recently got a Dell Inspiron 9300 with 17" wide screen. I really like it.
The screen is about as tall as a 15", but wider. Great resolution.
Their carrying bag for the 17" was crap, I returned it and got a Victorinox carrying bag.
This is my second Dell laptop, very happy with both.
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