new CAD machine

It's time for a client to get a new engineering machine, maybe 2. Th
last one i got them was
asus mobo.. can't remember the model.
opteron 14
quadro fx100
10k rapto
what i need to know.. is ..
what would be a good configuration for a new CAD machine..
what is the next generation for opteron.. ? or is there
maybe dualcore Athlon64 X2 4200 in a S939 nforce4
and a mobo for that next gen. chip with pci-e
i guess no point is SLI.. just get a pci-e mobo..
hard drive-- would the sataII be faster than the 10k raptor? i thin
so.. trying to stay away from scsi.. too costly .. can get a bette
vid card.
and for vid.
PNY NVIDIA QUADRO FX3400 PCIE 256MB DDR3 DUAL DVI seems to be the bes
for the buck that my supplier can get..
Solidworks is what the client uses mainl
any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Definitely socket 939 dual core AMD64. Dual raptor drives set up in a RAID array.
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Peter Ruehle

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