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I have 200 A4 lists in one Autocad file. Is it possible to print them all at once, so i do not have to do it with window 500 times?? Maybe, some program wich will recognize dimensions of the same frames in the files? Is it posible?

Also, is it possible by printing to set number of print copies to one number (4 or 5 or 7), so i do not have to select number of copys always again and again. I have one project with 2000 separeted pages and i have to print him in 7 copies. That means that i must 2000 times select the "Number of copies" and set it to 7.

Thanks in advance.

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====================================================== You might want to try the 'batch plot' utility that comes with Autocad (at least it does with 2002 - you did not specify which version you are using). You can generate a list of items to be plotted, and then run the batch plot utility. You should be able to set your printer to do the multiple pages per plot, if the batch utility doesn't let you. I attached the batch plot 'help' file text in pdf format, so you could read what the functions are. It should do exactly what you need it to do, and it will save you a lot of time..

Norm - NorthSlope Detailing

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