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Hi there. Has anyone got a few good suggestions for a new A2 or A3
printer ? My A2 Canon BJ330 stopped after 10 years and I replaced it
with a A2 Canon S9000. The S9000 has now lost it's head after 3 years so
I'm in dire straights at the moment as I'm not able to do any printing (
AutoCad ) Feedback from the web suggests that it's not worth replacing
the head due to Canon's prices ... that I can well believe. Colour is
not too important .... more of a bonus really. My budget is limited in
that it's happened at a bad time but I need to move quickly to get work
out ... sorta like a Catch 22 situation.
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Bernard, I've been using an HP Business Inkjet 2800 for the past few years with great success. It prints up to A3+ (330x483). Some features that make it nice to use include rear and tray feed capability as well as separate, easily replaceable, print heads. My model has 2 trays, one loaded with A2, the other with A3. There are two on eB*y for $150US each. Paul
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Maybe look around for a reconditioned or ex gov/corp A3 HP Laserjet? I scored a cheap 5Si which is doing great service. Toner module will cost a bit but good for 15,000+ pages.
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I bought a HP 5000GN with 5000 sheet 8 1/2 x 11 drawer and a 250 sheet 11 x 17 drawer used with less than 13000 sheets total usabe for $400 with nearly empty print cartridge. I traded the cartridge and $100 for a recycled one. Hard wired into my network as a printer that all the computers can use...that's the reason for the 500 sheet printer. Prints sharp, dark lines. Picked it up from Ebay a couple of years ago. I also have a HP 750C 24 x 36 plotter I picked up from Ebay for less than $1000, replaced the cartidges, put in a wireless printer port and use it for some of the larger drawings. The other office printer (not used much) is a TI color printer/fax/copier/scanner that I sometimes use for smaller color prints that is also a network printer. I'd suggest that you look at laser printer. If you really need color. there's atabloid Lexmark 1200N laser printer on Ebay with a "buy it now" of $399.00 + $195 shipping; a HP 5500N wide format with a "buy it now" of $949+free shipping. OR do a plain laser..HP Laserjet 5000N Tabloid with a "buy it now" for $299.95+69.95 shipping A black and white tabloid printer will take care of most printing projects I have. R. Wink
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Thanks for all the suggestions so far ... will have to file them for now. At 4 this morning I found a tip on the web about pressing the start & resume buttons with cartridges and head removed. Then installed old head followed by inks. Shes's working now but with a couple of black lines missing from a nozzle test .. not too bad tho. Canon South Africa wanted $218 for a replacement head and also informed me that they only had one in stock. For about $350 I can get a Canon iX4000 A3 printer !! Holding thumbs. Bernard.
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