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Platforms: Acad 2002 & 2004
> We have a drawing which includes hundreds of standard details all of which
> are drawn "life size" and annoted and dimensioned for various scale factors.
> Differtn combinations of the details have been combined into multiple paper
> space "layouts". Is there a way to reference, copy, insert, etc. a specific
> layout into another drawing? Our attempts to copy layouts yields only a
> layout with empty viewports as the detail drawings don't copy.
> Another question "sort of" on the same subject - when one merges multiple
> layouts into a single layout (for conveying "paper spaced" drawings to R14
> clients) what is the command to make all viewports visible?
> Thanks.
> George B.
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George B
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George - Use Express > Layout tools > Change space ms/ps to "pull" the model info "thru" the viewport into paperspace. You would do this for each detail. Then the actual details will be part of the layout and will go wherever it goes.
Once you get the layout where it's going, you can (if you need to) use the same process to place the details back into modelspace. RJ
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Randy Jones
When you copy a layout into another dwg, I found the viewport is OFF. Simply turn the viewport to ON and you should see your detail.
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