rotate drawing

How can I rotate a drawing without changing the cordinates. Id like to be
able to straighten out the drawing for ploting purposes. Thanks.
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change the UCS in paperspace
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DVIEW TWist ___
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Paul Turvill
A better option than rotating your UCS, never a good option, or using DVIEW/Twist is using MVSETUP in your layout/viewport. Use the Align/Rotate option. This only rotates the drawing in the viewport, not model space, thus preserving your coordinate setup and any preset UCS.
Daryl Stockton Application Engineer CADD Microsystems
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ucs/ z / degree of rotation . pretty simple
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you can use the dv command to rotate it without losing the original coordinates
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The command is DVIEW. DV is probably your alias for it.
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Michael Bulatovich

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