I hurd from a sales rep, that autodesk might be killing the ADT series.
anyone with any support pro/con on that comment?
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Adam B
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Would be a huge surprise to me. They seem to have invested the future in the vertical market.
Was that an Adesk sales rep? What did he say their plans are?
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It's been discussed on the newsgroups on Autodesks servers (and by Autodesk employees). This is NOT a rumor, the only real publically unknown is WHEN will they discontinue it.
According to everything I've read here's the situation: Current version of ADT is 2004. There WILL be a 2005 (or whatever they call it). There will NOT be any versions beyond that. Revit is the future.
It's too bad that Autodesk bought Revit as the competition was (and would have continued) to make it better.
Michael (LS)
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Michael (LS)
That one has been going around a long time.
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