Strange x-ref behavior

I received a civil dwg drawing which included a swimming pool. When the file
is x-ref'd into my drawing, the pool shape changes. Opening the civil file,
the pool is a free-form design but in my drawing the pool appears as a
formal shaped "Roman". I have only one (1) civil drawing for the project so
I haven't accidently attached the wrong file. I'm confused. Has this type of
behavior happened to anyone else?
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George B
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Yes and no. Check the layers on the original to see if there are several shapes included on different layers. It might be a simple matter of the wrong layers --and therefore the wrong shape- being shown.
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Jim Patrick
What's "formal"? Do you see a shape different from the "free-form" one? What type of entity is that we are talking about?
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Michael Bulatovich
To answer 2 questions at once.
1. All layers are "On" in civil files. 2. The 2 most well know "classic" pools shapes are the rectangle and Roman. Roman is simply a rectangle with radius centered on each end creating 4 outside corners & 4 inside corners.
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George B

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