Text override detection utility

Does anyone know of a utility or a
filter sequence that would detect in a
global fashion and identify only those
dimensions that have a text override. It
would be useful information to know in
many instances. Thanks in advance. .
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Peter Hughes-Davies
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This help??
;;; CHKDIM.LSP "Check Dimensions" - detects overridden dimensions ;;; ;;; tested with AutoCAD 12/13/14 ;;; ;;; Copyright (c) 1997 by Christoph Candido, Vienna ;;; E-Mail: snipped-for-privacy@edv1.boku.ac.at ;;; ;;; Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software ;;; for any purpose and without fee is hereby granted, provided ;;; that the above copyright notice appears in all copies and that ;;; both that copyright notice and this permission notice appear in ;;; all supporting documentation. ;;; ;;; THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT EXPRESS OR IMPLIED ;;; WARRANTY. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR ;;; PURPOSE AND OF MERCHANTABILITY ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED. ;;; ;;;------------------------------------------------------------------ ;;; Purpose: ;;; ;;; Routine to global check dimension texts. ;;; All dimension texts, which are altered by the user, will ;;; be copied to the layer CHKDIM and viewed separately. ;;; (defun C:CHKDIM (/ *chkdim_err* oerr osys ss i en ent txt enlist)
(defun *chkdim_err* (s) ; error routine (command "_.UNDO" "_End") (sysvar osys) (setq *error* oerr) (princ) )
(setq oerr *error* *error* *chkdim_err* osys (sysvar '(("CMDECHO" 0))) ss (ssget "X" '((0 . "DIMENSION")(8 . "~CHKDIM"))) i 0 ) (if ss (repeat (sslength ss) (setq en (ssname ss i) ent (entget en) txt (cdr (assoc 1 ent)) i (1+ i) ) (if (and (/= txt "") (not (strstr txt "")) ) (setq enlist (cons en enlist)) ) ) ) (if enlist (progn (mapcar 'princ (list "\n" (length enlist) " altered dimension text(s) found ...please wait") ) (if (null *CHKDIM_LAYLIST*) (setq *CHKDIM_LAYLIST* (laysave)) ) (if (= 0 (getvar "UNDOCTL")) (command "_.UNDO" "_All") ) (command "_.UNDO" "_Control" "_All" "_.UNDO" "_End" "_.UNDO" "_Group") (setq ss (ssget "x" '((8 . "CHKDIM")))) (if ss (command "_.ERASE" ss "")) (setq ss (ssadd)) (mapcar '(lambda (en / ent) (setq ent (entget en '("*")) ent (subst '(8 . "CHKDIM") (assoc 8 ent) ent) ent (subst (cons 1 (strcat (cdr (assoc 1 ent)) " []")) (assoc 1 ent) ent ) ) (entmake ent) (ssadd (entlast) ss) ) enlist ) (command "_.DIM" "_UPDATE" ss "" "Exit") (command "_.LAYER" "_Thaw" "CHKDIM" "_Set" "CHKDIM" "_Freeze" "~CHKDIM" "" ) (command "_.ZOOM" "_Extents") (command "_.UNDO" "_End") (princ "\nType LRES to restore previous layer settings.") ) (princ "\nNo altered dimension texts found. ") ) (sysvar osys) (setq *error* oerr) (princ) )
;;; C:LRES ;;; ;;; (C)1997, Christoph Candido, A-1070 Vienna ;;; ;;; Restores layer settings saved in the global variable ;;; *
CHKDIM_LAYLIST*. ;;; (defun C:LRES (/ *lres_err* osys oerr ss)
(defun *lres_err* (s) (sysvar osys) (setq *error* oerr) (princ) )
(if *CHKDIM_LAYLIST* (progn (setq osys (sysvar '(("CMDECHO" 0)("EXPERT" 1))) oerr *error* *error* *lres_err* ) (setq ss (ssget "x" '((8 . "CHKDIM")))) (if ss (command "_.ERASE" ss "")) (layres *CHKDIM_LAYLIST*) (setq *CHKDIM_LAYLIST* nil) (sysvar osys) (setq *error* oerr) ) (princ "\nNo layer settings to restore.") ) (princ) )
;;; STRSTR -- Scans a string for the occurrence of a given substring. ;;; ;;; If neither argument is a string, *ERRORNO* is set to -1 ;;; and nil is returned. ;;; ;;; (C) Copyright 1990, 1991 by Autodesk, Inc. ;;; (defun strstr (_$s1 _$s2 / _$j _$sl _$sl2) (setq *ERRORNO* nil) (if (and (= (type _$s1) 'STR) (= (type _$s2) 'STR) ) (progn (setq _$j 0 _$sl (strlen _$s1) _$sl2 (strlen _$s2) ) (while (< _$j _$sl) (if (= (substr _$s1 (setq _$j (1+ _$j)) 1) (substr _$s2 1 1) ) (if (= (substr _$s1 _$j _$sl2) _$s2) (progn (setq _$s1 (substr _$s1 _$j)) (setq _$j _$sl) _$s1 ) ) ) ) ) (progn (setq *ERRORNO* -1) nil ) ) )
;;; LAYSAVE ;;; ;;; (C)1997, Christoph Candido, A-1070 Vienna ;;; ;;; Save layer settings, use LAYRES to restore. ;;; (defun laysave (/ ll lay color name flags) (setq ll (list (getvar "CLAYER"))) (setq lay (tblnext "layer" T)) (while lay (setq ll (cons (list "_Color" (itoa (abs (setq color (cdr (assoc 62 lay))))) (setq name (cdr (assoc 2 lay))) "_Ltype" (cdr (assoc 6 lay)) name (if (= 1 (logand 1 (setq flags (cdr (assoc 70 lay))))) "_Freeze" "_Thaw" ) name (if (= 4 (logand 4 flags)) "_Lock" "_Unlock") name (if (minusp color) "_OFF" "_ON") name ) ll ) lay (tblnext "LAYER") ) ) (reverse ll) )
;;; LAYRES ;;; ;;; (C)1997, Christoph Candido, A-1070 Vienna ;;; ;;; Restore layer settings saved by LAYSAVE. ;;; (defun layres (ll / clay) (setq clay (car ll) ll (cdr ll) ) (command "_.LAYER" "_Thaw" clay "_Set" clay) (foreach n ll (apply 'command n)) (command "") (princ) )
;;; SYSVAR ;;; ;;; Set and restore system variables. ;;; (defun sysvar (l) (mapcar '(lambda (x /
var val vlist) (setq var (if (listp x) (car x) x) val (if (listp x) (eval (cadr x)) nil) vlist (list var (getvar var)) ) (if val (setvar var val)) vlist ) l ) ) (princ "\n****************************************") (princ "\n (c)1997 Christoph Candido, A-1070 Wien") (princ "\n E-Mail: snipped-for-privacy@edv1.boku.ac.at") (princ "\n****************************************") (princ "\nCHKDIM ...global check dimension texts. ") (princ)
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This is my LISP program for your text override dimension problem.
syntax: (load "SDO") SDO
bye bye
;;; ***********************************SDO************************************** ;;; Selection Dimension Override
(defun C:SDO (/ gruppo cont) (setq gruppo (ssget (list (cons 0 "DIMENSION")) ) index 0 indexx 0 gruppo2(ssadd) ) (if gruppo (progn (repeat (sslength gruppo) (if (/= (cdr(assoc 1 (entget (ssname gruppo index)))) "") (progn (redraw (ssname gruppo index) -3) (ssadd (ssname gruppo index) gruppo2) (setq indexx(1+ indexx)) ) ) (setq index(1+ index)) ) (command "_SELECT" gruppo2 "") (sssetfirst nil gruppo2) (cond ((= indexx 0) (princ "\nNo entities. ") ) ((= indexx 1) (princ "\nFound ")(princ indexx)(princ " entity.") ) ((> indexx 1) (princ "\nFound ")(princ indexx)(princ " entities.") ) ) ) (progn (princ "\nNo dimension.") (princ)) ) (princ) )
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Wow, talk about service, you folks are great! Both the "chkdim" and "sdo" utilities seemed to do the trick and they will save a ton of time. Sincere thanks. Peter
Peter Hughes-Davies wrote:
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Peter Hughes-Davies
Took me a while to find 'chkdim' when we had a problem. Just for once glad to have been of assistance to someone else.
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