File Size & Contours.... HELP!!

I need some assistance... I'm trying to email a rather large dwg to someone,
and even though I've zipped it it's still too large.
Anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do???
P.S. The drawing has contours, which explains the rather large size... and
no, there's nothing I can do to simplify the drawing in order to reduce the
file size
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Send it my Layers and have them reconstitute it on the other end.
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the person on the receiving end isn't the most computer literate
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You could get WinRar. It will allow you to create split compressed files of just about any size you want. You'd just need to make sure the person at the other end also has it.
size... and
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Jeff Mishler
use Winzip to zip the file onto diskettes in the A: drive. As each diskette fills up(1.4 mega), winzip prompts you to remove it and insert a new diskette.Each diskette will contain one file--but each file name is identical. Then email each diskette as an attachment, each in a ITS OWN email message.Tell the recipient to download each file onto a diskette,( not the hard disk, because the identical filenames would overwrite the previous one).Then he can run Winzip to unzip the diskettes.
lilmissgiggles wrote:
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Barry Shev
Assuming you have purged the drawing of all redundancy, what size is the file?
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B. W. Salt.
You can split up files (and also reassemble) with a little freeware utility called HJ Split.
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Ron McNeil
Hmmmmmmm, I never thought of that one. Thanks!
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Brian Spillane
the person "at the other end" doesnt need "it"
winrar can create self-extracting files (the first file ends up being an exe)
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Divide the drawing into two ot three files break up more layers.
PS: escuse me, but my english is bad...
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Make each individual layer into a separate Wblock with insertions at 0,0,0 Email each, zipped. Have the CADilliterate insert each one back into whichever one they choose, exploding each after insertion. Tell the CADilliterate to purge afterwards. Complain to colleagues over beer after work.
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Michael Bulatovich
why do you not try breaking it down to as meany blocks as you can as they are smaller and they repeat at the same size so you can have a picture as a block i think and then explode it Scott
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