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Hi all
Is it possible to interogate an AutoCad file in some way to find the
elements that are taking up a lot of space?
We run Acad 2008 and regularly receive vendor drawings of incorporation into
our layouts.
Trouble is these sometimes have hidden features/too much fine detail/strange
hatching which, while not being obvious to the draftsman, may well
contribute seriously to the size of file created.
This causes the usual issues with slow speed of editing and difficulties in
emailing large files etc.
Anyone know of a way to search for these space hungry drawing fragments?
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I tend to spend a good chunk of time cleaning up stuff like that myself.... don't know if there is an easier way of figuring out what is an issue than examining the document yourself.
TheScullster wrote:
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The first thing I do with an outside drawing is this.
1. Go into the Layers dialog and look for filters. Delete all the layer filters that came with the file, they take up a lot of space and you probably won't need them.
2. Type "PURGE" to bring up the Purge dialog. Keep purging "ALL" until the Purge command does not find anything purgeable anymore.
3. If you are confident in your ability to know what to purge and not purge then you can go to
formatting link
browse the various third party purge tools that other people have devised for this purpose. You can also look into a tool called SuperPurge at
formatting link
It is compatible with AutoCAD up through version 2009. I have used it and it will purge things that AutoCAD won't, with the caveate to be careful what you purge.
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