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I'm an fisrst year student doing a mixed-use bldg project. I'm using ADT
2004 and Viz Render for the project. Searching for ideas and insperations
on the Net, I've seen a lot of impressive presentation drawings that using
both Viz and Photoshop ... For example :
formatting link

I would love to learn some of those basic techniques ... Can anybody pls
show me where to start ? Any website that shows some tips ... I appreciate
your help. Thank you.
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Get "Mastering 3D Studio Viz " by George Omura and "Inside Photoshop" by New Riders publishing. The main thing is just to read and experiment. Check all kinds of things out see what works for you. I also find doing "save as" to a different name while you are working helps in case you want to get back to a point before you totally screwed up your current drawing with experimantaion. Say the drawing is stair.max if you do something you like and its looking good do a "save as" to 1-stair.max then if you add some things of importance do a save as to 2-stair.max I will do about a dozen "save as" during the day. Then delete them when I know I have no need for the backups.
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