Need Panasonic Robot Help (Pana Robo - HR55

I am looking for some assistance with a Panasonic Robot our school
received as a donation.
The robot in question is:
Pana Robo - HR55 (Robot)
Panadac - 391 (Controller)
Handheld Programmer (Teaching box)
I would dearly love to acquire a copy of the software to program this
robot from a PC.
It's listed as "Multi-Task Programming software # FR-V601 (for Win95-98
I believe it is in operational condition as I have been able to
establish communication with the robot using the handheld pendant
(teaching box) and generate basic movements. It came with minimal
documentation, and a poor translation from Japanese complicates the
I have done extensive searching on the net with no luck so far.
My hopes are to connect with one or more individuals that have working
knowledge of the robot we have and are willing to answer a few
questions that aren't covered in the documentation we have.
I view this as an educative process, and I'm not looking for someone to
do the learning for me, just some helpful nudges as necessary.
Any suggestions, URLs, or other help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you.
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