Anvil Stand Questions

I'm in the process of building an anvil stand for the 110 pound
cast steel Harbor Freight special. If I ever do enough blacksmithing
to justify it, I may someday look at getting a more serious anvil.
I am using the treated 4X4's with a 5degree angle on the ends to
a slight upside down V.
To reduce noise and increase stability, what is the best way to attach
the anvil to the top? Somewhere I read a suggestion of putting down
several washers and then a layer of silicon glue????
I'd really appreciate any ideas. I'd like to keep the noise down to a
minimum for my neighbors,
Phil W.
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I went lower tech, just built my own "log" out of scrap wood :-)
Putting a layer of wood between the the anvil and the steel will help a little.
Regards Charles
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Tie the anvil down firmly to the base. I've used large U bolts I fabricated, people use chain and turnbuckles. Putting a piece of lead sheet (roofing material), silicon glue or cork is supposed to help reduce noise, but I haven't compared results.
Sometimes most of the noise comes when you work on the horn or heel. This can be cured by a large magnet under the noisy area. Body noise can be lowered this way also.
Both your neighbors and your hearing will benefit.
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Steve Smith
I made mine out of 2x4s on end, like a butcher block, banded with angle iron. I cut the ones that actually cover the footprint shorter to make a pocket for the anvil to sit in. Add a couple of layers of roofing lead and wedge the anvil into the pocket with wood shims and the KLANG went away. I think that the sound abatement is dependent on haveing some give in the system, so the sound gets folded back on itself out of phase and cancels out.
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Charly the Bastard
To reduce the "ring" of the anvil make sure you have a pad of somesort under the anvil (asphalt shingles or sheet or roofing lead) drape a loop of chain around the waist of the anvil (5/16 or 3/8 works great!) and attach a magnet or two to the anvil (under the heel or horn or both!). Any of these tricks reduce the harmonic ring of the anvil, All will vitualy eliminate it!
To attach the anvil to the "stump", square and draw out to a point about 2-1/2" long, a 5/16 piece of mild steel rod Leave it round the thickness of the anvil foot. Make a 90 bend and cut it off with your hardie about 3/4" to 1" from the bend like a little RR spike! and NAIL THAT SUCKER DOWN!!! ________ |_____ | _ | | ^ | | | | | thickness of anvil foot! | | | | | V | | _ | | ^ | | | | | | | 2-1/2" | | | | | | | | V V _
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