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Thought y'all might like this photo:

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What you see in the first photo is 44,000 lbs of thrust bearing blanks being hauled from the heat treater to the grinder. They're headed for gun turrets.

The second photo shows some Timken ball bearing blanks.

The heat treating furnaces at that facility are something to behold.

A possible resource for those of you in South Carolina, the metal scrap bin is a veritable gold mine of high alloy metals. The company is:

Ajax Rolled Ring

500 Wallace Way York, SC GPS N35° 0.538', W81° 14.224'

Caution: I don't know a soul there other than the shipping boss whom I chatted up and got a mini-tour from. I just hauled their steel. I did see a scrap steel truck exiting the plant over the plant's scales so they track their scrap. Maybe if one offered to pay more than the scrap price....

Another similar possible resource is:

Universal Technologies Estill Springs, TN GPS N35° 15.342', W86° 7.163'

They do a variety of defense-oriented machining, most probably from the nearby ARO in Tullahoma, TN. Again, I don't know anyone there. I simply notices some large scrap bins of juicy looking metal.


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Neon John
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Hey John,

Glad to see a "local" here, I live in Hixson, Tn. Nice pics and nice site too.

Later, Jim C Roberts

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Jim C Roberts

John could you do me a big favor and ask about the alloy they are using there? :) Some claim on extra large bearings like those they use 8640 (or similar) with a high carbon/nitrogen case on it instead of 52100 all the way through.

Alvin in AZ

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