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Hi Folks,

First I just want to say that I think this newsgroup is outstanding. I have been reading many posts and have learned much from you folks. I'm just starting out in this hobby and am in the very beginning stages of building my layout. With that said I'm itching to start buying some rolling stock. I want to model my area, Central Massachusetts, Worcester, West Boylston, Millbury, etc. My question is what are some of the names might I find on engines in this area. I see CSX quite a bit but not much else.For instance, today I did see a CSX engine go by with a green HLCX engine behind it. I'm still too new to this to know where or what HLCX stands for. But I also know you folks will absolutely know.

Thanks Johnny

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Here's a site that I found quite useful when looking up reporting marks

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HIGH quality, has more than 5,000 different ones listed, very snazzy



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First and foremost get envolved with a Model Railroad Club in your area. A good starting point would be at the Amherst Railroad Show Feb 7 & 8 at the Big E in W. Springfield, MA

I was new to the hobby and meet up with several guys right from my town that belonged to a club. The Knowledge you get about both model & prototypical railroads is unbelivable.

Around Central Mass you'll find of course CSX, The Providence & Worcester (P&W) for freight and AMTRAK and the MBTA for Passenger.

Western Mass has the New England Central, Mass Central to name a few.

But do plan on going to the show it is unbelivable to see what is out there.

Hope this helps, I'm sure that I missed something but it's a good start for you.

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Irish Jake

Google says : HLCX = Helm Financial Leasing

Cheers, John

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